Dr. Brett Beber Will Be Coming To Timmins!

29 Oct

Moorea Bodysense Clinic welcomes Brett Beber MD, FRCSC

Dr. Beber has built his plastic surgery practice by combining superior aesthetic results with personalized patient care. Most of his patients have been referred by previous patients or other physicians – a reflection of his skill and dedication. Dr. Beber received his training at the prestigious University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery, and received his Royal College certification in Plastic Surgery in 2004. Since then he has been providing state-of- the-art cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to his patients.

By combining the use of time-tested as well as the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Beber will customize your procedure to your individual anatomy and your specific aesthetic concerns.


Specialized Services

Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures are an increasingly popular choice.  Whether it’s liposculpting those stubborn areas that don’t disappear despite diet and exercise or reshaping and flattening the entire abdomen as part of a tummy-tuck or full mommy-makeover.

Abdominoplasty, which is most commonly referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’ is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedures by both men and women. It changes the appearance of the abdomen by removing the loose and over-stretched skin, tightening the underlying muscles, and removing fat, so that you’re left with a smoother, tighter and more youthful abdomen.

abdominoplasty - female

Although the incision for a tummy tuck is long, the incisions are made in the lower abdomen and around the edge of the belly button in order to help hide the scars. Tummy tuck procedures are usually performed as a day-surgery procedure. Patients are up and walking immediately after surgery but are required to wear a surgical abdominal girdle and avoid any strenuous or lifting activity for 4-6 weeks.

A tummy tuck is a great option for women who have persistent abdominal skin excess and stretch marks as a result of pregnancy.  It is also an excellent solution for men and women with excess skin and fat left behind after weight loss.

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Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that addresses troublesome and persistent fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. Areas that respond well to liposuction include: the abdomen, the chest, the waist and love handles, the hips and thighs.  The arms, back and knees can also be addressed with this technique.

The procedure itself requires just a few tiny incisions in the areas that are to be addressed. After the procedure you will be required to wear a special garment under your clothes which gently compresses the surgical areas to help minimize swelling and bruising and speed recovery.  You will be able to remove the garment to shower but will continue to wear it for a few weeks after surgery.

Both men and women alike choose liposuction to help them get rid of excess fat deposits that stop them from looking and feeling their best. It is important to realize that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.  It is used to sculpt these areas to smooth out the overall contours.

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Brachioplasty, more commonly known as an ‘arm lift’, involves the removal of excess fat and skin on the upper arm and even along the sides of the chest. Brachioplasty is usually performed as a day-surgery procedure. Patients are required to wear special garments under their clothes for several weeks after surgery that gently compress the arms to minimize swelling and bruising and aid in recovery.

The majority of men and women who opt for this surgery are those who have lost a lot of weight.  These patients often find that while they have lost the fat in the upper arm, the loose skin stays behind. The most important thing to realize about brachioplasty procedures is that they require the placement of a permanent scar down the inside of the arm from the armpit to the elbow.  Therefore the amount of skin hanging from the upper arm must bother you enough to make this scar worth it. For those with significant amounts of hanging arm skin after weight loss, the scar is often worth the improvement in the arm contours.

Labioplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size and prominence of the labia minora (inner lips) of the vagina. Labioplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure where patients are able to return home immediately after surgery.  It can be done under local anesthetic or under general anesthetic depending on your preference. Patients are encouraged to take several days off work after surgery to aid in the healing process.

Patients presenting for labioplasty surgery have chosen this surgery for a variety of reasons.  Some women do not like the fact that their labia minora visibly extend outward past the labia majora.  Some women with significant asymmetry between the left and right labia minora wish to make them more similar in size.

Breast Procedures

Modern plastic surgery has led to the development of a wide spectrum of procedures designed to enhance the aesthetics of the female and male breast. As a recognized expert in this area, Dr. Beber is able to use these plastic surgery techniques to achieve the aesthetic goals of his patients, whether it is to increase the size of their breasts, reduce the volume of the breast, or to create a more lifted, youthful appearance.

Dr. Beber also combines his aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery skills to help women who have undergone mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer, helping them in their journey as breast cancer survivors through breast restoration surgery.

Breast Augmentation

For many women, breast size is an important part of feeling feminine, vital, confident, and healthy. Breast augmentation surgery is an exciting way to increase breast fullness, improve breast symmetry, and rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts.

Patients choose to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons and come from a wide range of ages. Some women feel their breast size is small when compared to the rest of their body and they want to increase the size and fullness of their breasts to be more proportional.

Other women have had significant changes to their breasts as a result of age, pregnancy or breast-feeding, and wish to regain the fullness and youthful shape their breasts once had.

Mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure used to correct the dropping that occurs to many women’s breast over time.  Many women find that their breasts hang lower as years go by, and also as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Breast lifting procedures not only decrease the sagging of the breast tissue, but also reposition the nipple back up onto the front of the breast. Many patients choose to combine their breast lift procedures with breast augmentation or breast reduction to tailor the breast volume to their desired size.

Breast lifts are performed on a day surgery basis, with patients able to return home that very day.  Patients are up and moving immediately after surgery and resume normal activities within a few short days. It is important to note that breast lifting procedures involve incisions around the edge of the areola and usually there is a vertical scar down the front of the breast.  These scars become lighter in color over time and less noticeable, but they are permanent.


Gynecomastia Correction, otherwise known as male breast reduction, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in plastic surgery.  In years past, many men were unaware that a safe and simple solution to this problem existed.  In addition, techniques for correcting this problem have been developed to achieve superior results compared to those in the past.

Gynecomastia is performed on a day-surgery basis, with patients able to return home the very same day.  Patients are required to wear a surgical garment under their clothes for a few weeks, which gently compresses the chest to help minimize bruising and swelling. Patients are able to return to most activities within a few days, and can return to exercising in a few short weeks.

Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size and heaviness of a woman’s breasts.  During the procedure the breasts are also often lifted to a more youthful, rejuvenated position.  Other benefits of this surgery can include a more proportional breast-to-body relationship, less shoulder, neck and upper back discomfort, and less discomfort during running and other sports activities.

Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient surgery where patients are able to return home the same day.  Patients are able to resume normal gentle activity the very next day, but usually take a week or two off before returning to work.  Strenuous activity such as lifting or physical exercise can be resumed after 3 or 4 weeks.  The surgery is done under general anesthetic with patients asleep during the procedure.

Breast Asymmetry

No two breasts are exact mirror images of each other.  Most women have some degree of asymmetry between their two breasts.  However, some women develop more severe degrees of asymmetry, which can result in breasts that are a cup size or more different in volume.  This can make it very difficult for women to find proper fitting bras, bathing suits and clothes.  Some women in this situation feel self-conscious about the difference between their two breasts.

As an expert in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Beber is often able to combine techniques used in plastic surgery to achieve a greater degree of breast symmetry.  This may include breast augmentation of the smaller side, augmentation of both breasts with different sized implants, reduction of the larger breast, reducing both breasts by different amounts, or a combination of procedures.

Mommy Makeover

The ‘mommy-makeover’ is a popular term used to describe procedures that aim to restore the abdomen and breasts to the way they were, and reverse the long-term effects that pregnancy can have on a woman’s body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can create changes in a woman’s body that, despite exercise and a proper diet, do not return to the way they before pregnancy.

Procedures to correct changes in the abdomen will vary depending on the severity of these changes.  For some women liposuction of the abdomen can be an effective solution.  For others the best solution is a tummy-tuck to remove the excess skin and underlying fat from the abdomen. Tightening of the muscles is also usually performed during a tummy-tuck procedure.  A tummy-tuck results in a flatter, smoother, more youthful tummy, and often allows removal of many of the stretch marks located below the level of the belly button.

Breast procedures can simply be to correct the ptosis (drooping) that has occurred with a breast lift or can also combine a reduction or augmentation.

No matter what your areas of concern are, Dr. Beber will work with you to help you chose the procedures that best address your individual anatomy and cosmetic goals.

All of us want to look as good as we feel, and committing to looking your best is an exciting decision! Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation and let Dr. Beber help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Source: Toronto Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon 

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