Body Treatment

LPG non-surgical lipomassage

LPG lipomassage is a revolutionary body contouring treatment technology that’s comfortable, non-invasive, and offers quick, noticeable results.

Lose inches, increase lymphatic drainage, detoxify, and firm and contour your body, all without surgery or pain. Tone flabby arms, tighten your tummy, smooth and lift your butt, minimize saddlebags, reduce cellulite and target localized fat for a smoother, slimmer figure you’ll love.

But LPG isn’t just about aesthetics – it also stimulates your overall health by increasing circulation, dissolving free radicals and encouraging lymphatic drainage. The technology is used by rehab and cancer treatment centres to accelerate healing.

Here’s how it works: a trained therapist uses a hand-held device that alternates between kneading and gently suctioning the area being treated – it’s a relaxing experience, not unlike a deep tissue massage. By stretching and loosening the tissues under the skin, the treatment stimulates circulation and enhances elastin and collagen production. You get all of the benefits of liposuction – with none of the drawbacks.



Velashape cellulite treatment and body shaping system

If you’re looking to smooth your shape and reduce inches, Velashape’s clinically proven technology will contour your body, minimize dimpling and give you a slimmer, more youthful shape. It’s an easy, comfortable, completely non-invasive procedure that offers a deep, therapeutic treatment and no downtime.

VelaShape™ is the only FDA-cleared device that safely and effectively reduces cellulite and firms problem areas in as little as four treatments. Velashape has appeared on the Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Rachel Ray television shows, and has been mentioned in a variety of magazines including Oprah, Natural Health, Shape, Allure and more. Recent studies have shown that it reduces the appearance of cellulite, smooths out skin after weight loss, reduces inches – and it’s easy and requires zero downtime.



Here’s how it works: Infrared light and bi-polar radio frequencies heat up the tissue beneath your skin, then the pulsed vacuum and massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue. This process promotes an increase in the cellular metabolism, encouraging collagen production, reducing skin laxity and volume, and boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, which are all essential for healthy skin structure.