This multi-action Peeling treatment is one of the new skincare technologies, which dramatically improves the quality of the skin tissue.

– Mechanical action with immediate removal of superficial layers and dead cells.
– Instant chemical action on skin smoothness and bright complexion with a lighting effect.
– Long-lasting biological action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal.
– Revitalizing action on skin cells and skin tone.
– Lightening stabilized action on skin pigmentation.

This is a very powerful treatment giving instant visible and strongly felt results:
For skin lacking tone, surface lines, residual scaring, pigmentation spots, dull complexion, excess of dead cells.

Length of treatment = 75 minutes.
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once every 2 weeks

X-PRESSIN: A cross-linked papain polymer. X-PRESSIN is as effective as glycolic acid in improving the skin and less aggressive in terms of redness.
VIT.C TYPE AA2G: brightening of the complexion, reduction of pigmented spots, increased skin tone.
X50: a smart molecule that is able to deliver its regenerating effect to the very heart of cells.

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